Welcome to Aggressive Power Systems

Aggressive Power Systems is a local Generac® dealer in Wall Township, NJ.  We sell, install, service, repair and maintain Generac automatic stand by, portable generators and power washers.    

We also feature a complete line of Generac® parts in our store for the do it yourself mechanics.  If we don't have something you need we can order it for you.  We welcome new customers to our "family" of happy, satisfied customers.  

When you purchase a Generac® portable generator or pressure washer from us, we assemble, register and deliver it (locally) with a full tank of gas ready to go to work.  We can install and wire in a portable transfer switch to an outdoor electrical outlet for your portable generator.  You choose what ciircuits are a necessity.  When the power goes out, you start your portable generator, plug in the cord and flip the breaker on in the new portable transfer switch.  You will now have electric to the circuits you chose to have.  Our whole house Generac® generators may be purchased with or without installation.  All our Generac® whole house stand by purchased generators include the transfer switch, battery, local delivery, product registration, Aggressive Power Systems as your service provider and step by step installation instructions.  

All of our Generac® whole house "standby" generators installed by us include the transfer switch, cement pad, battery, filing of all necessary permits (cost of permits not included), up to 25 feet power supply to generator, up to 20 feet natural gas piping to generator, product registration, start up, directions on use, Aggressive Power Systems as your service provider and your installation is a NJ capital improvement so it's sales tax exempt.  


9 AM - 4 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Wednesday 9 AM -6 PM & Saturday 8 AM -12 PM

9 AM -6:00 PM Wednesdays

8 AM -12:00 PM  Saturdays

Licenses and Certifications:

  • New Jersey electrical license # 10962A
  • Home improvement contractor license # 13VH01860000
  • Authorized Generac® technician for all air and liquid cooled products from 7KW to 150KW

We Are A PowerPro Elite Dealer

PowerPro is the highest level of distinction available to members of Generac’s dealer network and open only to those that meet the most rigorous set of sales and customer service criteria.  Like Aggressive Power Systems, PowerPro dealers consistently provide outstanding customer service, maintain local product and parts inventory and receive high reviews from their customer base.  PowerPro dealers are committed to providing an outstanding sales and service experience.

Mary. I can't thank you enough. More so, Paul is a genius and a gentleman. Your crew was brilliant and a pleasure to deal with. They are artists. And unbelievably kind, accommodating and respectful. As you can assume, we have a myriad of people working on the house. I can tell you that this is the finest company we have ever worked with. I would recommend you to anyone. I am available for testimonials, references, or whatever you need from me. The company is second to none, yourself included, and needs to be recognized. All the very best. Jack Jack Shrewsbury

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